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Photographing Young Clients at Kids Care Daycare Center in Beaver Dam

SLS just finished up photographing 175 of it's youngest clients. These would be the students at Kid Care Daycare Center in Beaver Dam. We took two full days to capture all of these bright smiles. This will be our second year taking fall pictures for this location.

It is always a challenge to capture that many little faces in that short of a time period. We typically spend about 2-3 minutes with each child. Some obviously require a little more time to warm up to our jokes. It is one of our favorite photoshoots of the year. We learn some very interesting facts from the talkative kids and some new ways of getting the shy ones to look up at us.

My favorite this year by far was a very shy little boy around the age of 2 or 3. He was very apprehensive of us and stuck close to his teacher. We let the shy ones watch their friends for a bit so they can see that its not a big deal, just smile for the ladies and take a few pictures. The teachers even had to get his younger brother of about 8 months to come and sit with him. He was promised a new Spider Man figurine if he did a good job and smiled.

He was having troubles and didn't want to look up at the scary ladies until we discovered he had a Batman figurine in his pocket. We suggested that Batman also get his picture taken with him and if Batman could smile nice it would make a great picture. The smile that radiated from that little boy after his pose with Batman, will be a favorite of mine for a long time. He warmed up right away and told us about his promise from his mom and the reward of the new Spiderman toy. We took his shots and let him go on his way. He walked away like he'd been doing this all day. But the best part was when he turned around pointed to himself and exclaimed, "I just won me a new Spiderman," cocked his head and strutted away.

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