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A Note to Our Customers on this Small Business Saturday

To our customers on this small business Saturday and everyday, we thank you!

A little over three years ago we started on this new photography journey. We had what we needed: the equimpment, the knowledge and our strong determination. We just needed one more thing, a very important thing, customers.

We weren't only looking for customers but for people to build a relationship with. We wanted customers that we could capture their lives and those moments that make up the special memories of their lives. We were able to do that and are so thankful to all of you! Without you we would not be where we are at today. It has been a challenge, a struggle but mostly a reward.

In the beginning when we first started out, only pennies went back into our pockets and our dreams of making this a full time career were looking low. Now just three short years later, we have been able to reward ourselves more and put more money back into the business. We can buy more equipment, build better sets and offer our customers great specials and exciting events, like Bunny Day and the newest Christmas Twinkle Lights special.

Personally we are able to pay our bills, and put food on our tables, gas in our cars and pay to heat our homes. This is all possible because our customers, our friends, family and ours supporters have chosen to support a small local business.

So on this Small Business Saturday we would like to thank all of you out there that have become a customer or have supported us in any way. We look forward to another successful year and many more to come! Keep watching us and see what we will come up with next!

Jessica and Beth

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